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Frequently Asked Questions

As the name suggests, planning approval is just asking the local government for permission to carry out a specific building project. The 1948 Town and Country Planning Act gives the Local Planning Authority the right to approve construction projects. However, it may impose some restrictions on what you can build. The local council borough typically serves as the local planning authority (LPA). These LPAs will provide links and standards outlining your permitted property uses. This link will allow you to locate your local authority: ( 

Before moving forward, please contact your local planning authority to see if you need planning approval. They can tell you if you need to apply for planning permission for all or part of the work and any reasons why the development might not be approved. Planning authorization is not always required for building projects, house extensions, or remodelling; some projects come under the “permitted development” category, which exempts you from this requirement. 

If you reside in England or Wales, you can check on the Planning Portal website ( to see if you will likely need planning approval.


We will draft and submit the permitted development (PD) planning application as soon as you are satisfied with the design and drawings. At this stage, you must pay the approximately £150.00 PD application fee online using the provided payment link.

The council will need roughly two weeks to register the application and provide us with a validation/registration letter. After registration, the council will decide within 8 weeks.

At xLine Architecture, we understand that planning and construction might be troublesome. That’s why we guide you through the entire process every step of the way. Our areas of expertise include building regulations, planning consulting, structural design and calculations, and architectural design. Our all-in-one platform gathers everything you need to prepare your ideas for the construction site.

The building regulations are standards that ensure that new buildings, renovation work, alterations, extensions and conversions are carried out in a manner that results in safe and energy-efficient homes. Building regulations are essential for every building’s design, construction, and changes. These legal criteria guarantee the structural integrity and security of your home.

Not every work requires approval under building regulations. Here are some works where you need the approval: 

  • House extensions, including loft conversion
  • Electrical work or electrical installations.
  • The installation or addition of services such as creating a new bathroom or shower room, new electrical cabling, installation of heating appliances., and fitting a new boiler.
  • Doors/Windows: adding new ones if none already existed, enlarging them, changing the apertures
  • constructing cellars/basements and a garage
  • Building or rebuilding a new building.
  • Structural alterations, including knocking down a load-bearing wall or partition wall.
  • Constructing a new chimney or flue or removing the chimney breast
  • Alterations which will impact insulation, heating or ventilation
  • Changing a house into flats or changing the use of the material, such as converting it from home to office 

This guide on loft conversion building regulations will help you understand all the processes. (


Hiring an architect from the beginning of the planning process is an intelligent investment for projects that are large-scale, intricate, or require a lot of design. Whether you’re thinking about a loft conversion or an addition, xLine Architecture can assist with every step of the way, even obtaining LPA approval. This will guarantee the success of your project and increase your home’s value.

For each project, we always supply 2D architectural and structural calculation drawings. We are also able to provide specified 3D designs if necessary.

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Selecting xLine Architecture allows you to use our years of experience, commitment to excellence, and client-focused methodology. We promise more accurate calculations, superior design, and a higher likelihood of approval. Following industry best practices, we provide clients with all the necessary information to ensure improved workflow and transparency. Additionally, you can contact our team at any moment with any questions!


We are proud to show the works and transformations we have made. Email us at, and we will send you our example works!

The complexity and extent of the task determine the differences in project timelines. At the project planning stage, our team will give you an achievable timetable to guarantee transparency and effective project management.

This depends on the complexity of the construction work, project type, size and materials used and the location. We’ll work closely with you to provide a detailed quote and help you manage your budget effectively.

We offer a range of services, such as: 

  • Planning Applications
  • Loft conversion
  • House Extension
  • Building regulations
  • Architectural drawings
  • Structural engineering and calculations
  • Party wall surveys