Here’s a list of items that you should consider when doing a loft conversion :

  1. Existing Ceiling to Ridge board height. It should be at least 2.2m. Any less you might need to lower your ceiling.
  2. Permitted Development rights. If your property does not benefit from Permitted development rights, then you will need to apply to council for Planning permission. This could be due to the property being in a conservation area , permitted development rights have been taken away or your property is a flat / maisonette. You can find out more about loft permitted development rules and regulations by clicking here
  3. Party wall Agreements. Speak to your neighbors as early as possible and find out whether formal party wall agreement will be needed or not, as this can take a lot of time.
  4. Architectural Plans and Structural Calculations. A good set of plans with structural engineering calculations will be basis of getting accurate construction quotes. So this should be a priority too.
  5. Builder. You are very lucky if you find your builder from first few contacts as finding quality builders can be a struggle as they are busy with works all the time. Planning ahead will mean you can book a good builder few months prior starting works.

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